U.S. Veteran Property Owner Taken Advantage of as Transients Occupied His Home, Today It Is Pristine

A severely dilapidated property in Lake Elsinore was the source of illegal activity as transients repeatedly broke entry into a house owned by an elderly U.S. Veteran. 

The owner intended to restore the property, but unfortunately due to financial and health issues, was unable to do so. The property was left empty for many years and was brought to the City’s attention in June 2019 as neighbors of the densely populated residential community began to complain of transients occupying the house and impeding the health, safety, and quality of life of the neighborhood. 

Code enforcement and the City reached out to the owner to find a solution in conjunction with pulling in our firm to ensure a just outcome.  

After coordinating a property inspection, the City provided the owner a comprehensive list of all issues on the property for his consideration and offered to initiate a receivership to help him secure and restore the property.  The owner desired first to explore insurance claim options, other remediation efforts, and the City agreed to give him the time needed.

During this time, the Veteran was put on hospice care and it became apparent that the “contractors” he had hired were merely taking advantage of him; living at the property, taking his money, and not remediating the property. We advised him as such to ensure the City continued to look out for his interests. 

Ultimately, the owner confirmed he wanted the property placed in receivership. His family also confirmed that they did not want to take over any responsibility for the property either. The owner later passed away, and the City stepped in to help. 

The interior and exterior of the house were filled with trash, graffiti on its walls, exposed electrical outlets and wiring, and featured a destroyed garage door and clutter throughout the property, posing fire and safety hazards to the illegal occupants and the families in the neighborhood. 

“With our help, the City filed a court receivership action, and keeping costs as low as possible, got agreement among the only interested party in the case—the bank with a lien—to stipulate the appointment of the receiver. The property has been restored, honoring the deceased owner and protecting the community.”

Silver & Wright LLP Attorney Kellie Shin

As no family or any potential heir had any interest in the property, the receiver is now selling the property to a new family excited to make the property their home. 

“Today, neighbors are no longer worrying about the once dilapidated property or the safety risk that the transients imposed on the community. The property is safe and honoring the U.S. Veteran who wanted to ensure the home was restored.”

Silver & Wright LLP Partner Valerie Escalante Troesh


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