Municipal Liability defense

At Serviam, we specialize in providing comprehensive municipal liability defense services for public agencies.  Our experienced attorneys understand the unique challenges municipalities face and provide strategic, effective representation in matters ranging from police liability to civil rights, tort defense, and privacy matters.  Committed to upholding the integrity and functionality of public agencies, we pride ourselves on delivering robust legal defense tailored to the specific needs of each client we serve.

Serviam’s Partner Brian Chu leads the team that specializes in public agency liability defense.  Brian is an experienced municipal litigator that represents numerous municipal agencies throughout California in municipal liability defense matters.  Get in touch with Brian and the Serviam Team for a complimentary preliminary case analysis.

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Brian Chu is an attorney at Silver & Wright Law Firm in Irvine, California.

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  • Police Liability Defense
  • Law Enforcement Claims
  • Civil Rights Litigation Defense
  • Excessive Force
  • Due Process
  • Search & Seizure
  • Fourth Amendment
  • Privacy
  • Constitutional Law
  • Section 1983 Claims
  • Government Claims Act (GCA)
  • Pitchess Motion Defense
  • Public Records Act (CPRA/PRA)
  • Tort Defense


Fremont Case Update—Building Violation Enforcement

Fremont Case Update—Building Violation Enforcement

Building code violation enforcement requires that violators be given the right to appeal.  Most jurisdictions do so through administrative hearings before a Hearing Officer.  However, a recent ruling by the Court of Appeal specified…

AB 436—Ending the ban on cruising and lowriders

AB 436—Ending the ban on cruising and lowriders

Legal Update:  AB 436—local jurisdictions may no longer ban lowriding vehicles nor cruising. A bill legalizing lowrider cruising throughout California was signed into law by Governor Gavin Newsom effective January 1, 2024.  Prior to 2024, the California...