Employee Spotlight: Attorney Nicolas Jaber

Inspired by the past and driven by justice, attorney Nicolas L. Jaber champions criminal and civil cases for Silver & Wright LLP.

Newport Beach native Nicolas L. Jaber has recently achieved a significant milestone in his legal career. After successfully passing the Bar Exam in February 2023 and receiving his results on May 5th, Nic went from being a Law Clerk to becoming an Attorney at the esteemed Silver & Wright LLP. The swearing-in ceremony was held on May 23rd at the Central Court House, where the honorable Martha K. Gooding of the Superior Court of Orange County administered the oath.

Silver & Wright LLP is renowned for its expertise in municipal litigation, handling civil and criminal cases on behalf of cities and counties across California. This unique aspect of the firm’s practice attracted Nic to work for the firm, as he expressed his enthusiasm for prosecuting both civil and criminal violations.

“The scope of S&W’s expertise in all areas of municipal litigation extends to criminal and civil matters, offering the opportunity to appear in both. We’re not just prosecuting civil violations but criminal ones as well. It’s unique and exciting to act as a criminal prosecutor alongside common civil litigation.”

Nicolas Jaber

While gaining as much courtroom experience as possible is one of his goals, Nic also aims to develop a well-rounded understanding and expertise across different areas of law. In addition, he believes that Silver & Wright LLP’s ability to handle any matter that might arise for a public entity makes the firm exceptional.

“Our firm has the knowledge and experience across all areas of cities and counties. It’s a one-stop shop for cities and counties, providing the knowledge and experience to advise and represent them in any legal matter that might arise,” explained Nic.

His dedication to the field of law is evident in his schedule. He shared an example of a typical week: “Last Monday, I was in criminal court, and Tuesday, I was handling three receivership appointments to abate public nuisances. Then on Wednesday, I was working on the medical history regarding a plaintiff claiming personal injury from a city. The legal processes are varied, which keeps it interesting. We are doing the people’s work, representing cities and counties across the state.”

Academically motivated and influenced by philosophers and historians, Nic pursued Philosophy and Arabic language studies at UC Berkeley, graduating in 2016. At Cal, he was involved in campus politics and was a Phi Gamma Delta fraternity member.

Nicolas L. Jaber

He even spent a summer in Jordan participating in an immersive language program. After a research fellowship and a stint in the startup world, Nic enrolled at Chapman Law School in Orange to pursue his passion for law.

“I view the profession of law as a commitment to understanding and defending the Permanent Things,” Nic said, citing the influence of T.S. Eliot, a renowned writer who inspired him to preserve enduring historical, legal, and moral traditions.

As a Law Clerk at Silver & Wright LLP, Nic specialized in civil rights defense work and receiverships. Before being sworn in as an attorney, Nic worked on over 50 cases, drafting pleadings, discovery responses, and correspondence while interacting with clients, experts, and other stakeholders. Nic finds the historical and cultural context of defending moral principles within the rule of law to be the most gratifying aspect of his legal work.

Nic pointed to Tom Wolfe and Russell Kirk, influential 20th-century historians, and cultural critics when asked about his inspirations. He emphasized their understanding of the importance of acknowledging one’s place in time and building upon the ideas of past thinkers.

Outside his legal career, Nic collects old books on politics and philosophy, moral philosophy, history, and cultural criticism. He finds solace in exploring the wisdom of great minds from the past and cherishes the opportunity to learn from their insights.

In his leisure time, Nic enjoys traveling with his wife, a lawyer whom he met during his time at Cal. One of their annual traditions is visiting South Africa to spend time with his wife’s family. In addition, they enjoy running alongside their pet giraffes, Gerry and Geraldine, during their trips, creating unforgettable memories.

As Nic embarks on this new chapter of his legal career as an Attorney at Silver & Wright LLP, he remains dedicated to serving cities and counties across California with unwavering commitment. His passion for the law and his desire to defend enduring principles and values position him as a valuable asset to the firm and the clients he represents. With his relentless pursuit of knowledge and experience, Nic is poised to significantly impact municipal litigation and continue to advocate for the best interests of public entities throughout the state.


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