Silver & Wright LLP assists City of San Clemente restore property near shoreline

Mar 5, 2022

A once beautiful property near the Dana Point harbor, with an incredible view of the San Clemente shoreline, quickly became the nuisance of the neighborhood when its owner stopped maintaining the vegetation in its front and back yard. 

When multiple property neighbors complained to the City about the home’s yard containing overgrown trees, dead bushes, dry grass, vines, and weeds – all of which blocked the entrance to the front door and posed a fire threat to the community. 

“After multiple documented complaints, the City and our firm stepped in to garner a code enforcement action on the property. We worked out an agreement with the owner and the bank to restore the single-family home. Ultimately, the bank ended up foreclosing on the property, which had a lien against it (prior to us stepping in), and they sold the home to new owners, who completely refurbished it.”

Daniel Ohl, Silver & Wright LLP attorney 

The new owners entered into a full compliance agreement to reimburse the City its costs to refurbish the property.

Along with adding more outdoor space, the home was gutted inside and out, adding a modern presence to the community and restoring peace of mind for residents throughout the neighborhood. 


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