Serviam Secures $850,000 State Grant as the Court’s Appointed Receiver to Support Big Basin Water Company, Inc.

In a significant development, Serviam by Wright LLP, currently appointed as Court Receiver for Big Basin Water Company, Inc. as an agent of the Superior Court of the State of California for the County of Santa Cruz, is thrilled to announce the acquisition of an $850,000 State grant funded through the Department of Water Resources. This pivotal support helps address the pressing issue of secure and reliable drinking water access for the Big Basin Water community and comes as a result of the relentless efforts by Serviam and State and Santa Cruz County officials.

Nicolas Jaber, Attorney and Receivership Project Manager overseeing the Big Basin Water Company appointment at Serviam, highlighted the importance of this funding. He emphasized the grant addresses some of the operational deficiencies faced by the Big Basin drinking water system, though additional support is necessary. The grant also paves the way for a handful of overdue infrastructure upgrades and critical engineering and investigative efforts. These efforts will lay the groundwork for a transition of ownership and control to a responsible entity, ultimately benefitting Big Basin’s drinking water customers.

“This funding, which my office has worked to secure for many months alongside State and County officials, helps address some but not all of the operational deficiencies facing the Big Basin drinking water system. The grant also funds overdue retrofits for failing infrastructure and key engineering and investigative efforts, which will provide the foundation for a transition of ownership and control to a responsible entity. On behalf of Big Basin’s drinking water customers, I express my gratitude for this critical showing of support.”

Nicolas L. Jaber

Serviam is proud to serve the Big Basin community as the Court’s agent in this matter.

View Santa Cruz official Press Release “Grant to Support Big Basin Water”


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