Case Update: Jerry Cox receives Legal Counsel in Mariposa County Nuisance Abatement Case

Jan 26, 2021

On January 25, 2021, a status conference was held regarding the ongoing Mariposa County nuisance abatement case involving Jerry Cox, managing partner of JDC Land Co., LLC, the defendant.

Mr. Cox had appeared at a court hearing on November 10, 2020, without an attorney. The defendant in the case is JDC Land Company, LLC, the company into which Mr. Cox put the property. Mr. Cox couldn’t represent JDC Land Co. in court because, under State law, a corporation must be represented by an attorney, which he is not. The County and its attorneys Silver & Wright LLP, had supported another continuance to allow Mr. Cox additional time to obtain a new attorney for his company.

Mr. Cox has since obtained legal counsel. JDC Land Company, LLC is being represented by Omair Farooqui of the Palo Alto Legal Group.

The next status conference has been tentatively scheduled for April; the discharge hearing is pending.

The pending discharge hearing will specifically address two issues relating only to the Court receiver: 1) if the receiver fixed the violations of the law on the property, and 2) the Court’s receiver’s final accounting for his fees and the abatement costs. The County and its attorneys Silver & Wright LLP vigorously object to the Court receiver’s fees and have filed a detailed objection in Court.


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