Case Highlight: Uninhabitable, Dilapidated Home Rehabilitated in Upland

Oct 8, 2020

In March of 2015, the Upland Police Department became aware of a dilapidated home on Loma Sola Avenue after receiving numerous complaints. The property had extensive code enforcement and health and safety violations, including fire hazards, severe hoarding conditions, electrical hazards, and more. As a result, the home was red-tagged uninhabitable. After the City of Upland partnered with Silver & Wright LLP to rehab the blighted home, the owners had 30 days to comply and bring the property into code compliance. After a lack of compliance from the property owners, the city took control of the property and began the rehab process.

During the process, there was a potential buyer who ultimately purchased the home. Silver & Wright LLP then began to collaborate with the new owner to rehab the house. They gave the new owner guidelines and deadlines to rehab the property and, fortunately, successfully collaborate and bring the property into compliance.

This is a great example of the great partnership and professionalism of our team and Silver & Wright as they’re helping us make long term impacts in the city of Upland.

Chief Darren Goodman, Upland Police Department


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