Case Highlight: Court Appointed Receiver to Rehab Blighted Oxnard Property

Aug 31, 2020

After hundreds of calls for service to the police and fire departments, the City of Oxnard’s request for receivership of two Oxnard Boulevard properties, formerly known as Magic Auto Center, has been granted by the Ventura Superior Court. Code enforcement history goes back to 2014 with violations including unlawful business practices, fire hazards, electrical hazards, structural issues, and construction without building permits. Since 2016, the property has been an eyesore, safety hazard, and place of criminal and transient activity. With countless code violations, the Code Compliance Division tried working with the property owner to bring the properties into compliance including in-person meetings, written Notices of Violations, several inspections, and Administrative Citations.

The City hired Silver & Wright LLP to work with the City Attorney’s office to facilitate the process and ultimately obtain the court-ordered receiver. Upon completion of the rehabilitation, the City is entitled to recover the costs associated with the receivership.

Receiverships are a last resort effort to deal with non-compliant properties that pose health and safety threats to the community, such as this. In this case, it’s a win-win situation for all parties involved. The quality of life will improve for the community and the property value will increase as well.

Rene L. Farjeat

Partner Attorney, Silver & Wright LLP


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