Silver & Wright LLP works with Chino property owner to bring former Martin Feed site into compliance, without litigation


Silver & Wright LLP is proud of its recent work with the City of Chino in working with the Orange County Flood Control District to remediate the former multi-acre Martin Feed site (8755 Chino Corona Rd.)— originally operated as a feed business collecting bakery waste material to turn it into animal feed—without litigation. 

Since early 2020, the site was called into question, and numerous complaints from the community began to flood the city’s code compliance team as reports of mountains of pizza dough sludge, (potentially) toxic-filled ponds of standing liquid, large stockpiles of concrete, large metal drums of liquid substances, wood shavings/sawdust, trash, debris, plastics and more were recorded and inspected. 

With hundreds of family-filled homes located less than 100 feet to the east of the property and local waterways near and around the property, it was an environmental hazard due to pollutant runoff and put the community at risk. 

“The impermissible expansion of the use of the property and overall condition of the property violated a litany of municipal code provisions. The city’s code compliance and environmental staff did an outstanding job inspecting and gathering the evidence that our firm needed to work with the property owner, OC Flood, who ultimately removed the tenant creating the issues and completely remediated the site.”


 As the firm’s goal is to avoid litigation as much as possible, Silver & Wright LLP was pleased with the timely response and action that OC Flood put into the remediation of the property for the neighborhood and the city at large. 

As of October 6, 2022, the hundreds of pounds and piles of pizza dough, concrete, sawdust, and metal barrels that were being illegally dumped for years have been removed. The pools of contaminated liquids have been removed, and all overall trash, debris, and other miscellaneous waste throughout the property have been cleaned up.  A new chain link fence that borders the entire property has been installed. 

The quality of life of the neighboring community has since been elevated, and the code compliance complaints to the city have stopped.


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