Silver & Wright LLP Mentioned in The American Reporter

Silver & Wright LLP would like to thank The American Reporter for mentioning our firm in regard to the positive code enforcement work we do with local municipalities in the recent article titled What You Should Know Before Leasing a Municipality-Owned Property.

In this article, the author, Richard Brown, discusses things that a muncipilaity should do prior to leasing out a property. From crafting a detailed written lease agreement and ensuring the tenant has adequate business insurance to applying a clause on how the property may be used by the tenant, this article touches on everything recommended to do to ensure the property is leased to a qualified tenant.

Municipalities that will seek to lease out their properties should avoid relying on template lease agreements when negotiating terms with potential tenants. Every lease term must be given careful thought and kept in written form. Fortunately, experienced legal firms like Silver & Wright LLP can help municipalities with any municipal law and enforcement issues and avoid any traps which might end in costly and long-winded litigation.


Richard Brown, The American Reporter


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