Silver & Wright LLP Attorney Andy Ta is proud to contribute to the diversity in the field of law

Sep 22, 2022

As the first legal professional in his family, our Attorney Andy Ta is proud to strengthen the diversity across the field of law.

While he just graduated from UC Davis’ School of Law in 2021, he certainly brings a fresh perspective and a keen sense of knowledge in municipal litigation to municipalities across the State.

“Having been an Attorney practicing municipal litigation at Silver & Wright LLP for over a year now, I’ve learned that the field is always optimizing as new bills are passed, and new laws are enacted every month.”


Initially, when Andy was in high school, he joined his local police explorer program, and that experience also played a role in his interest in law. 

He says that he partook in lots of community engagement as a police explorer and public safety initiatives and that navigating towards a career in law was natural and, in a way, still allowed him to contribute to elevating the lives of people in communities across Orange County and beyond. 

“I feel I play a small role in making a positive impact across the State by practicing municipal litigation at the firm. With each case, I have the opportunity to provide municipalities with a rigorous defense to ensure that we obtain the most just and equitable outcome for all parties, which generally benefits the greater community.”


As a recent graduate, still hungry to learn and evolve, Andy says that he recommends current and prospective law students to learn as much as they can before entering the field. 

“Go into the field with an open mind – find yourself a mentor and an internship. Use this time to learn as much as possible from the books and professionals. I highly recommend joining a state or local bar association and an alumni association after graduation.”

While the Orange County native is constantly learning, researching cases, and representing municipalities inside the courthouse, he loves simple activities like collecting and building legos when he has free time. 

“It is just a fun hobby I’ve had for years. To me, it’s relaxing to sit and build legos. My favorite sets that I own are Lord of the Rings and Star Wars themes; I’m also a huge fan of the two franchise’s books and extended edition movies.”

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