Silver & Wright Founding Partner Shares Insight on Substandard Housing

Mar 11, 2020

Silver & Wright Founding Partner Matthew Silver offered wisdom and insight on substandard housing at the California Healthy Housing Coalition’s (CHHC) Annual Meeting, Feb. 25-26 in Sacramento. Matt’s presentation, “Tools and Approaches for Combating Substandard Housing,” discussed legal remedies, including civil, administrative, relocation benefits and other options, that public agencies can utilize to restore substandard housing to code. In addition, Matt provided the meeting’s attendees with comprehensive information about how public agencies can use receiverships to rejuvenate substandard housing, with a focus on large-scale rental housing, such as dilapidated apartments and motels, while providing resources to tenants for better housing options. “Most Californians know we have a housing crisis, and most of us understand that to mean our housing is unaffordable. However, there is another, more hazardous, housing crisis: the substandard housing crisis. California has a huge amount of substandard, dilapidated and unhealthy housing in which people suffer every day.” “As a professional dedicated to empowering public agencies to positively change communities through code enforcement, I love sharing my knowledge with others in the industry,” said Matt. “Silver & Wright helps municipalities use code enforcement tools, including receiverships when appropriate, to solve substandard housing, and we hope to enable additional agencies and housing groups to similarly improve the lives of those they serve.” The CHHC is a diverse, multi-sector coalition that brings together housing rights and social justice organizations; public health advocates; local, state, and federal agencies; and other experts on housing, indoor air quality, and health. The mission of CHHC is to provide leadership to ensure safe and healthy housing for all Californians. Silver & Wright attorneys regularly volunteer by teaching classes and speaking at seminars and conferences all over California on issues relevant to housing, receiverships, nuisance abatement, code enforcement, and police services. The firm’s attorneys have developed unique and cutting-edge solutions to achieve success for clients in reasonable and cost-effective ways. To learn more, visit


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