Silver & Wright LLP Recognizes Code Compliance Month by Offering Four COSS Scholarships

Since 2005, in the wake of the devastating Hurricane Katrina, President George W. Bush proclaimed October as National Code Compliance Month. 

While Silver & Wright LLP works year-around providing tools, resources, and code enforcement legal services – this year the firm is thrilled to announce that it’s giving away four $250 scholarships to cover the entire cost of Code Enforcement Officer Safety Foundation’s (CEOSF) Code Official Safety Specialist (COSS) program. 

The international safety specialist training program is designed specifically for code, building, fire, and housing professionals. The go at your own pace program is equipped with five courses and covers important topics such as tactical mindset, fear management, verbal de-escalation, three phases of a contact, and surviving a violent encounter. 

“The impact that code enforcement officers have on our community’s quality of life is tenfold. From establishing fire and building codes, to generating general property standards, and performing property inspections to ensure the safety of the community – our code enforcement officers deserve all of the support and praise. In doing so, this entire month we’re giving away four scholarships to CEOSF’s COSS certification program, which sets the standard on officer safety and survival in the code enforcement profession.”


In addition to National Code Compliance Month, the second week of October is Code Enforcement Officer week; be sure to thank a code enforcement professional for the safety, health, and welfare they bring upon us. 

Any individual working in the code enforcement profession may apply for the Silver & Wright LLP COSS Certification program scholarship by clicking here.

All four scholarship winners will be selected at the end of October. Applications are due by October 21st at noon.


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